It’s Not About the Destination, It’s About the Journey

Marissa Bazikian
Long car rides and bumpy roads have become a given in almost all of our road trips, whether it be from Martuni to Yerevan or Baghanis to Proshian. Sitting in a 16 passenger van with no air conditioning for a minimum of two hours has also become a given, and luckily we have learned that the smell of cattle outside is the least of our worries.
There comes a point in every car ride where we all sit in silence, enduring every bump, hoping the ride will soon come to an end. However, with all the lingering pessimism, looking outside and enjoying the beauty of the country feels strange and somewhat unconventional.
I feel that the real beauty of any country, especially Armenia and Artsakh, lies where you least expect it, like during a car ride with hundreds of bumps. Taking the time away from the slightest bit of negativity and taking in the famous scenery truly brings one to a moment of peace in an awkward situation.
That’s just one of the many things I’ve learned to appreciate while here. Take the time. Look outside. Just enjoy.

"Asbarez," August 5, 2014

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