Summer Course of Armenian Language and Culture at the University of Venice

Nearing its 30th anniversary, the intensive summer course of Armenian Language and Culture of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Department of Asian and of Mediterranean African Studies) will take place from August 1-20 in collaboration with the Cultural Association “Padus-Araxes” and ESU (Student Homes Administration) of Venice.

The course has four basic levels, from Absolute Beginners to Advanced. Students eighteen-years-old and up will be accepted. Lessons take place from Monday to Friday five hours a day in the morning. The attendance is mandatory. Different cultural activities will be offered together with the course, as well as free courses of Armenian dance and doudouk, for those who wish to follow them.
The tuition fee is 700 euros (or its equivalent in other currency), of which 500 euros must be sent as a registration fee upon acceptance until March 21 (the registration fee will be 550 euros after this date until the final deadline of June 30), while the difference will be settled upon arrival. A lodging is offered to the participants at a student residence in the historical center of Venice (820 euros for a single room and 610 for a double room, with private bathroom in both cases). Lunch or dinner will also be available at the University canteen.
The mailing address is Associazione Padus Araxes -  c/o Dipt. Studi dell’Asia e dell’Africa Mediterranea - S. Polo 2035 - 30125 Venezia (Italia). For information, write to daniela@padus-araxes.com.

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