Get Ready for 2015: Turkey Will Teach "Objective History" to Armenians, Erdoğan Says

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has tasked Turkish ambassadors with “telling the truth” about a “treacherous” corruption probe in their host countries, encouraging them to say the investigation is a treacherous plot against Turkey’s credibility and foreign policy targets.
“None of you should be negligent. You should tell the truth to all necessary authorities [in the countries you are serving]. We should take all necessary steps together,” Erdoğan said in an address to hundreds of Turkey’s ambassadors representing the country throughout the world.
“A very important task falls on your shoulders. We expect you to exert more effort to defeat this treacherous plot targeting Turkey by telling your counterparts the truth. I request you to underline that what’s going on is not a corruption operation but a coup [against the government] in the form of a corruption operation,” Erdoğan said.
Turkey’s internal political crisis, which erupted after a massive corruption and graft operation engulfed Erdoğan’s government, also has repercussions on foreign policy as senior government members seriously blamed Western powers for orchestrating the plot. The United States and the European Union issued strong statements urging the government not to hinder the corruption probe and not to take steps that would curb judicial independence.
In his address, Erdoğan recalled that 2015 would mark the 100th anniversary of the “1915 events.” “We should all be ready and well-equipped so that the 1915 events can be dealt in an objective, scientific and realistic way,” he said. “The Armenian diaspora is making its preparations to turn the events of 1915 into a political campaign by [distorting] the historical reality. In contrast to this political campaign, we will firmly stand against them by highlighting historical and scientific data.”

"Hurriyet Daily News," January 15, 2014

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