Distance Learning Program of Armenian Studies at Yerevan State University

The Distance Learning Laboratory at Yerevan State University (YSU) announced today the launch of DistanceLearning.am—a pioneering program of English-language courses, which can be taken by anyone with access to a computer.
“For too long our language, culture, and history have been kept in select universities of the world,” said Dr. Artashes Khurshudyan, director of the virtual program. “But now we must deliver to the demand of the 21st century. Contemporary education itself must be democratized and become as accessible as possible. This distance learning program will also contribute to the dissemination of Armenian issues across the world.”
For years the Distance Learning Laboratory, which is housed in the Department of Sociology, has been developing this program—which is the University’s first diaspora-oriented initiative. Now Armenians everywhere are invited to take YSU-certified courses in the various eras of Armenian History, Genocide, Comparative Genocide, and the Armenian Diaspora. These have been developed by leading experts, scholars, and professors from all over the world.
“DistanceLearning.am is a virtual university in itself,” Khurshudyan added, “a virtual university where courses in Armenian Studies are being taught 24 hours a day. At any moment anybody in the world can walk into our university and begin or continue his education.”

"Asbarez," October 8, 2013

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