Letter to the Armenian Nation

Anina Hovhannisian
Translated by Vartan Matiossian

Today we are walking towards destruction, something that even the school student may feel. Dozens of people leave our republic every day, and they do not just leave, but flee Armenia, while trying to annihilate everything that is left behind and may force them to return to their homeland. On the background, we see many luxurious cars, newly-built mansions, deluxe stores, and other phenomena that symbolize wealth, which may leave an impression of bounty and well-being to the foreigner. But when we study our economy, it becomes clear that most companies active in Armenia are centralized in the hands of a few people and it is irrelevant that their owners may be people with different names, who just play the role of figureheads.
This mass, which represents close to 10 per cent of the population, has eaten up everything from education to sugar without even thinking for a second about the future. The result has been the daily polarization of our population and further alienation from each other, which leads to more deeply inimical relations between both groups. Even families are formed within those groups; the number of marriages outside them is diminishing. As a result, our society today is divided between superrich and superpoor. The latter try by all means to escape from here, because they are condemned to poverty even in the presence of intellectual and scientific potential, personal abilities and capabilities; the highest possibility of advancement could be semi-slavish work, with a salary of 150,000 drams [370 dollars], which does not suffice even to acquire staple goods.
It appears that most of our society, around 90 per cent, are potential candidates to departure who are slowed down by the absence of possibilities, which is just a matter of time. The other group, which feels itself very comfortable in Armenia, not only does not think about leaving, but its stupidity prevents it from foreseeing its future endangerment, as well as of its offspring, as a result of the majority leaving. The state cannot survive at the expense of the whims of a group of people or serve to a group of people. States of these types have always been destroyed, and those groups and their families have faced cruel retaliation, to say the least.  
Therefore, I would like this article to be read by that group which has been blinded by the bright of gold and by that group that has spitted over the state of Armenia long time ago and remains here just physically and temporarily. It would be good for the first group to be aware that, in the history of millennia, no one, no person, family or living being has been able to keep the wealth obtained at the cost of blood, injustice, destroyed fates and other people's hungry children. The response has been always proportional. This is the law of life and has nothing to do with religion, moral, or laws.
In the case of the desperate group, I would like them never to lose their willpower and never to hate Armenia, despite everything, for we cannot judge our homeland and our nation on the grounds of people who have casually risen from the bottom to the top due to a twist of fate. This country belongs to all of us, be the vipers enslaved by money, be those who give their life for high values, and be those who struggle against the status quo. At this moment, we need all the representatives of our nation who are aware of the seriousness of the issues. We need to help each other and to help our nation to avoid becoming an extinct society and a dead state.
"Maxinfo" (maxinfo.am), July 18, 2012

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  1. “Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.” ― Karl Marx