Italian Book on Vatican Efforts to Stop Armenian Genocide Released

The editorial Guerini e Associati of Milan has recently published the book La Santa Sede e lo sterminio degli Armeni nell' Impero Ottomano (The Holy See and the extermination of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire), by Valentina Vartui Karakhanian and Omar Viganò. The text focuses on the diplomatic mission of the Vatican to the Ottoman Empire during World War I and the activity of Cardinal Angelo Maria Dolci, papal nuncio in Constantinople.
Karakhanian and Viganò are researchers of the Vatican Secret Archives who have gathered every document the Holy See possesses on the Armenian Genocide.

The reader is able to see the difficulty of Dolci’s position during the extermination of Armenians in the western regions of Turkey, hundreds of kilometers away from the capital. When Dolci began to realize what was happening, he made every effort to hold talks not only with the Ottoman authorities, but also with their Austrian and German allies.
His letters and documents show the efforts exerted by him towards saving both Armenians and other Christians despite his limited powers and financial means.
To the dissatisfaction of Ottoman officials, Dolci addressed his letters directly to the sultan in order to avoid possible censorship.
The efforts of the Vatican can be seen more apparently in the context of their isolation, since the Western superpowers then cared more for their strategic interests than the fate of their brothers in faith, the book review published in the daily La Stampa observed.
The book has been published “in loving memory of blessed Nerses Bedros XIX, patriarch of Catholic Armenians, who passed away in 2015.”

"Asbarez," March 6, 2017

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