Artifacts of the Urartu era unearthed in Gavar (Armenia)

A mausoleum and artifacts dating back to the Urartu (Kingdom of Van) era have been found in the province of Gegharkunik (Armenia). According to Public Radio of Armenia, the artifacts of the Urartian era unearthed in the Republic of Armenia are cleaned and restored in the laboratories of the Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum Reservations. Archaeologist Ashot Piliposyan says that the artifacts are really exceptional and date back to the 8th century B.C. 
Prof. Piliposyan said: “We were informed by the Gavar Geological Museum that villagers had accidentally uncovered archaeological material during construction work. A mausoleum dating back to the Urartian times had been found, when digging a grave in the district of Hatsarat, in Gavar.” The Service stated that there are several special objects, including a jug-cup, an ancient clay bawl, and two large agate spherical beads, which are unique in their form and production method. After being cleaned and restored, the artifacts will be added to the Urartu exhibition at Metsamor. Prof. Piliposyan said: “There are clay pots and pieces of tableware we had never found before.”
A large amount of animal remains have been discovered too. The studies reveal that at least five people had been buried in the mausoleum.

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