Kate Winslet and the Turkish-Inspired "Common Pain"

According to a report in the Turkish newspaper "Sabah Daily" (June 6, 2014), a film to be called "Hole in My Soul" "will try to depict the tragedies of war during the Armenian Deportation from an objective point of view" under the slogan, "1915: The common pain of Anatolia."
The reader can already imagine that the film must have been inspired by the fiction-laden concepts of "common pain" and "just memory" that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sold to some quarters in his April 23, 2014 speech.
The details of the script are still confidential, but apparently the film is being developed by an unnamed production company from Hollywood. According to the daily, "The film will focus on a love story that flourishes amid the extraordinary hard conditions during World War I and will depict how different ethnicities including Turks, Armenians and Kurds, among other various ethnic minorities, lived together in peace and harmony. That differences and conflicts which began when the war broke out did not only cause harm to the Armenians, but Kurds and Turks, will be the main theme of the movie."
It is said that Kate Winslet, the Oscar-winning actress of Titanic and Revolutionary Road, will star in the film. She will play an Armenian nurse. The film will be set in Van, and the shootings are scheduled to take place in Aghtamar and in the provinces of Van, Ararat, and Erzerum. The name of another Hollywood star, Mark Wahlberg (currently playing in Transformers: Age of Extinction), is being floated as the leading actor opposite Winslet. 

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