Assad Compares Events in Syria with the Armenian Genocide

In an interview with Agence France-Presse, published on January 21, 2014, President of Syria Bashar Al-Assad touched upon the Armenian Genocide.
Asked about the most difficult situation he has gone through during these years, the Syrian president mentioned the following: "It’s not necessarily a particular situation but rather a group of elements. There are several things that were hard to come to terms with, and they are still difficult. The first, I believe, is terrorism; the degree of savagery and inhumanity that the terrorists have reached reminds us of what happened in the Middle Ages in Europe over 500 years ago. In more recent modern times, it reminds us of the massacres perpetrated by the Ottomans against the Armenians when they killed a million and a half Armenians and half a million Orthodox Syriacs in Syria and in Turkish territory."
He went on to complain about the "extent of Western officials' superficiality in their failure to understand what happened in this region, and their subsequent inability to have a vision for the present or for the future." He also mentioned that "they are always very late in realizing things, sometimes even after the situation has been overtaken by a new reality that is completely different," and mentioned the role of petrodollars, accusing France of having become "a proxy state implementing Qatari policies" and French officials of selling "the principles of the French Revolution in return for a few billion dollars."

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