Peddlers of Colored Beads

Vartan Matiossian
This is part of a report published by the newspaper "Marmara" of Istanbul and reproduced in the Armenian secton of "Asbarez" (April 2, 2013):
"Ismet Ozel, a poet well known in conservative circles of Turkey, has made a sensational declaration about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's apology to Turkey. According to the website Internethaber, Ozel has claimed that the apology by Israel prepares the terrain for the apology of the Armenian Genocide by Turkey and even for the probability of paying reparations. According to Ozel, the 'apology' by Israel is part of a gran plan for 2015 "forced" by America through pressure of the CIA.
. . . 'We must pay attention to the point that, if there is really a subject of apology, on what grounds Israel apologizes from a superior country. Israel does not make any concession asking for apology from a superior force, but opens a road for Turkey to apologize to Armenia in 2015. The movement to demand an apology from Turkey is the beginning of a worrisome development. The American government reminds Israel of the formula 'invest one to get five.' Only the ruling Justice and Development Party [AKP] do not understand that if Turkey pays reparations to Armenia, both Tel Aviv and Athens will get benefits from that,' wrote Ozel."
There is nothing to add to these concoctions, except that they belong to the genre well known under the label "conspiracy theory." Turkish politicians, journalists, and now poets produce this kind of stuff almost on a daily basis. It has been this way since the beginning of the Republican period in Turkey.
One would like to know, however, what difference exists between Turkish conspiracy theorists and Armenian American publishers, bloggers, and online commentators who have made their business to insist on colored revolutions and politicians sold to American, Anglo-American, Anglo-American-Zionist, or whatever political player their feverish imagination may find, and to sing their praises to Mother Russia, who will be always ready to deliver us from evil only for the sake of our black eyes.
Both of them, Turkish conspiracy theorists and their Armenian American colleagues, are just peddlers of colored beads who try to sell things like this for the sake of their paranoid agendas (latest piece of filth we received this morning, after the death of one and arrest of the other Chechen brother who are suspects of the heinous bombing of the Boston marathon):
"Tsarnayev brother's father, mother and aunt are now on record saying that the two brothers were framed. Just today, in an exclusive televised interview by CNN, Ruslan Tsarni (the uncle of the two brothers) claimed that an Islamic convert of "Armenian" ancestry had "brainwashed" the brothers.
This is increasingly looking like the Tsarnayev brothers were indeed setup by some intelligence agency.
PS: Let's also remember that Rhode Island resident, US agent Richard Giragosian who currently runs a Western-funded "think tank" in Yerevan (the founding of which was assisted by Raffi Hovannisian) may have also once "converted" to Islam when he was married to an Algerian women."
Whoever believes such pieces of junk, and the many others hinted above, are just like the Native Americans who were prompted to exchange their riches for colored beads at the time of the Spanish conquest.
This is what they call մատներից ծծած փաստեր ("facts from finger-sucking") in Eastern Armenian. The family says that they were framed; the uncle says that they were brainwashed by an "Islamic convert of Armenian ancestry." Is it the first time that the family of a suspect will not believe his/her guilt and talk about framing? (If you live outside reality, go and watch reruns of "Law and Order.") And who said that the uncle has sound proof of what he says? (*)
Memo 1 to useful idiots: Do you remember that Chechen volunteers reportedly fought along Azerbaijani forces in the Gharabagh war? Do you remember that, according to their leader, the notorious warlord Basayev himself, they went there on the name of Jihad?
Memo 2: Do you remember that the descendants of Chechens who had fled the Russian conquest and settled in the Ottoman Empire had their own share of participation in the Armenian Genocide? 
Memo 3: If you needed to imply that some Western or allied intelligence agency set up the Chechen brothers (as you do), why should you discard the FSB (the former KGB)? Because you believe that no collaborationist Chechen may exist? Or because it does not suit your ideological agenda? 
Memo 4: You probably believed that, for instance, Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, or that the mushroom cloud was about to come from Iraqi WMDs. Just because someone said it.
Memo 5: Have you ever heard that an Islamic convert would invoke his/her ancestry for any reason? And have you ever heard of an Islamic convert called "Misha," as Ruslan Tsarni has claimed? Misha happens to be the Russian diminutive for Mikhail (Michael), a name of an archangel, but not standard name for a Muslim convert...
Too many loose tongues, too little hard fact. This is how catastrophes begin.
From the edges of reason.

(*) Some excerpts of who "Uncle Ruslan" is and where his interests may lie, from a piece by Daniel Hopsicker published on April 24, 2013 (www.http://www.madcowprod.com/2013/04/24/boston-bombers-uncle-ruslan-was-halliburton-contractor/):
"Out on the ragged bleeding edge of the former Soviet Union, Ruslan Tsarni had a decade-long business relationship with Halliburton, the multinational juggernaut run by Dick Cheney before he became Vice President of the United States.
Delving into the business connections of 'Uncle Ruslan' Tsarni, as he became known after his well-received condemnation of the atrocities allegedly committed by his nephews Dzhokhar and Tamerlan at the Boston Marathon has led to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone of the Boston Marathon bombing.

(. . .) Reported first here two days ago, there has already been a big surprise in Ruslan Tsarni’s background: Tsarni did a two-year stint, beginning in 1992, as a 'consultant' for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan.
(. . .) However Ruslan’s involvement with USAID, while suggestive, might still be irrelevant, were it not for the discovery of his decade-long involvement with companies in the orbit of the Sun God, Halliburton, which stands accused in numerous and increasingly-credible accounts as 'lead dog' in an invading force of 'non-state actors.'(. . .) All was in readiness for the launch of a deniable covert op (the best kind).  In April 2005, Ruslan Tsarni was named an officer in an oil company in Kazakhstan, being run at the time by a man named S.A. (Al) Sehsuvaroglu.
Sehsuvaroglu had somewhat inexplicably left behind a 25-year career as a top executive at Dick Cheney’s Halliburton—his last job was as Senior Account Manager, Caspian Region; and Country Director, Kazakhstan—and had, just three months before 'Uncle Ruslan' was hired, taken over a penny stock oil play called Big Sky Energy Corp  (OTCBB:BSKO.OB).
Big Al and Uncle Ruslan already knew each other. Both men did time at Nelsen Resources, yet-another Halliburton-connected oilfield company active in Kazakhstan.
Even before that, Tsarni had landed, between 1999 and 2001, at Golden Eagle Partners LLC in Kazakhstan. Golden Eagle worked so closely with Halliburton, reported London’s Financial Times, that both firms were convicted of collusion to breach confidentiality agreements.
For Uncle Ruslan, who was Golden Eagle's Head of Legal Affairs, it would have been, very much, a case of 'my bad.'
In a story headlined 'Halliburton ethics called into question,' on Jun 22, 2004, London’s Financial Times reported that both companies had been convicted in Federal Court and fined a total of $70 million.
'At a time when Halliburton is being charged with immoral and even illegal business practices in countries ranging from Iraq to Nigeria,' the paper reported, 'a close reading of the court documents provides a disturbing backdrop.'
Moreover the questionable business practices for which Halliburton was convicted took place under Dick Cheney, who court documents revealed had been very aware of what his minions like Ruslan Tsarni at Golden Eagle had been doing on his behalf.
(. . .) In the last several months, Tamerlan Tsarnaev had posted videos to YouTube indicating his interest in radical Muslim ideologies.
Moreover the Tsarnaev brothers are of Chechen heritage, born into the cauldron of the Caucasus; into a war which quickly boiled over until it had engulfed Chechen separatists, Russian security forces, Islamic extremists,  and organized crime.
( . . .) Ruslan Tsarni’s personal and business background are in the same troubled region—Chechnya and the former Soviet Republics collectively known as the Stans—that is crucial to piecing together the narrative of his two nephews in the Boston Marathon bombing. And as an officer with decades of experience working with companies doing business in a highly-volatile region, it is fair to question how much of Ruslan Tsarni’s impassioned rant against his nephews owed to shame for his family’s disgrace, and how much to rage at having his past revealed—as he had to have known it would be—in an unflattering light.
(. . .) You can look for clues out on the ragged bleeding edge of the Russian Federation in troubled Dagestan, and prowl the back alleys of Makhachkala on the Caspian Sea.
Or you can look in Almaty, out on the wind-swept steppes of Kazakhstan.
Or poke around tiny Bishkek, capital of the little “Stan” that could, the one no one’s ever heard of, Kyrgyzstan.
Or trek to Tokmok, home to a large ethnic Chechen community, where you can seek out the former home of Anzor Tsarnaev, sitting right next door to that country’s top Mob Boss, a man named Aziz Batukaev, who to the surprise of no one locally, just secured his early release from prison.
And you can marvel that it truly is a small world after all, when a train of events set in motion 6200 miles east of Boston came to shut down a major American city and transfix an entire nation for an week.
( . . .) It seemed too good to be true. And it was."

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