Peddlers of Colored Beads: A Well-Known Ending

Vartan Matiossian
Armenian American publishers, bloggers, and online commentators have recently made their business to insist on colored revolutions and politicians sold to American, Anglo-American, Anglo-American-Zionist, or whatever political player their feverish imagination may find, and to sing their praises to Mother Russia, who will be always ready to deliver us from evil only for the sake of our black eyes.
To the risk of being repetitive, they just look like peddlers of colored beads who try to sell things like these for the sake of their paranoid agendas. We had written on April 20 about one such extreme example of paranoic babble, which we received after the death of one and arrest of the other Chechen brother who are suspects of the heinous bombing of the Boston marathon:
"Tsarnayev brother's father, mother and aunt are now on record saying that the two brothers were framed. Just today, in an exclusive televised interview by CNN, Ruslan Tsarni (the uncle of the two brothers) claimed that an Islamic convert of "Armenian" ancestry had "brainwashed" the brothers.
This is increasingly looking like the Tsarnayev brothers were indeed setup by some intelligence agency.
PS: Let's also remember that Rhode Island resident, US agent Richard Giragosian who currently runs a Western-funded "think tank" in Yerevan (the founding of which was assisted by Raffi Hovannisian) may have also once "converted" to Islam when he was married to an Algerian women."
What has one thing to do with the other, it escapes our reasoning. Whoever believes such pieces of junk is just like the Native Americans who were prompted to exchange their riches for colored beads at the time of the Spanish conquest.

And Now... A Well-Known Ending
On April 30, Ruslan Tsarni contacted directly the Boston-based weekly, The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, to issue an apology to the Armenian community for his recent statements referencing Armenians in his discussions of the Boston Marathon bombings.
“Armenia has a very strong culture, therefore, I want to stress that his [Misha’s] ethnicity has nothing to do with it,” Tsarni said. “I wish I had never said it.”
Tsarni added, “I felt for you [Armenians] and wish I had never done it.”
He once again apologized for connecting the Armenian community “to this evil event.”
In previous media statements, Tsarni had discussed  a recent convert to Islam named “Misha” — now reported as Mikhail Allakhverdov —  stressing that he was a "Russian of Armenian descent"  who was a relatively recent convert to Islam and who lived in Cambridge, while implicating the man in the possible “brainwashing” of Tamerlan Tsarnev with notions of violence against non-Muslims.
The New York Review of Books located Allakhverdov in Rhode Island, as reported on April 28. He happens to be a recent Muslim convert, whose father is an Armenian Christian and his mother is an ethnic Ukrainian. The family had lived in Baku, Azerbaijan, but had left for the United States after the pogrom of 1990. Allakhverdov denied any connection and said that he was cooperating fully with the FBI, which was about to close his case.
According to Mirror-Spectator's editor, Alin K. Grigorian, Tsarni spoke briefly on the matter via phone, but said he was unable to comment further or answer additional questions. A reverse phone number search traced and confirmed that the phone call came from a Maryland cell phone issued to Tsarni.


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