Three Kessab Armenians Freed after Being Held in a Turkish Prison

At a press briefing on March 31, Armenia’s Social Democrat Hunchakian Party Executive Committee deputy chairman Vasken Mesrobian stated that out of 22 Kessab Armenians, who had not been evacuated and subsequently were arrested, transported and detained in a Turkish prison, the three eldest have already been released and will be transported to Latakia.
On the basis of contacts with various S.D. Hunchakian Executive Committee members in the region, Mesrobian informed the media that the fate of the other imprisoned Kessab Armenians remains unknown, and another 11 elderly Armenians are unaccounted for.
He stated that the events that transpired in Kessab were not only an act of terrorism, but constitute a violation of international laws. He urged the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take measures to reach international condemnation of the Turkish government for its involvement in the events. There should be international sanctions against those in Turkey involved in organizing the incursion into Syria through Kessab and endangering civilian lives.
With regard to the recent fact finding trip of Armenian lawmakers to Syria and their meeting with Kessab Armenians, as well as President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian authorities, Armenia’s SDHP Vice-Chairman stated that such a trip was a good start, but Armenian authorities need to do more and such actions should be continuous.
Mr. Mesrobian also urged the Armenian media to not forget the plight of Armenians living in Aleppo, who have also recently been in under attack by various rebel factions.

"Massis," March 31, 2014

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