Top 10 of Richest Armenians

According to the Armenian edition of Forbes, this is the ranking of top 10 richest Armenians in the world (figures as of March 2013). Interestingly, six of them are residents and citizens of Russia.

  1) Samvel Karapetyan (Russia), 48 years-old,  $ 3.8 billions on March 2013 (number 29 in Russia and 351 in the Forbes list of billionaires). Born in Lori (Armenia), he is a Russian citizen who made his fortune in building companies and real estate. He owns Tashir Group.
  2) Kirk Kerkorian (United States), 96 years-old, $ 3.3 billions (number 118 in the U.S. and 412 in the Forbes list). Born and raised in the U.S., Kerkorian made his fortune in casinos, hotels, and investments. He recently announced his intention of raising his stake in MGM.
  3) Danil Khachaturov (Russia), 42 years-old, $ 2.4 billions (number 43 in Russia and 613 in the Forbes list). Born, raised, and educated in Moscow, Khachaturov is the owner of the representative shares of Rosgosstrakh, a bankrupted company that he and his partners bought for 60 million dollars in 2001-2003 (75% of shares at the time; the remnant 25 per cent at a later time). Today, the annual income of the company is $3 billion. Khachaturov has also interests in real estate and the banking system (number 43 among Russian multimillionaires).
  4) Eduardo Eurnekian (Argentina), 81 years-old, $ 1.8 billions (number 2 in Argentina and 831 in the Forbes list). Born and raised in Buenos Aires, where he lives, Eurnekian is the chairman of America Corporation, and holds 84 per cent of the shares of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, which manages airports in Argentina, Brazil, Italy, and Armenia.
  5) Nikolai Sarkisov (Russia), 44 years-old, $ 1.350 billions (number 78 in Russia and 1088 in the Forbes list).  Born, raised, and educated in Moscow, Sarkisov made his fortune in insurance and real estate. He is vicepresident of the company RESO.
  6) Sergey Sarkisov (Russia), 54 years-old, $ 1.350 billions (number 79 in Russia and 1088 in the Forbes list). Born, raised, and educated in Moscow, Sarkisov (Nikolai Sarkisov's older brother) made his fortune in insurance and real estate. He is president of the Board of Directors of RESO. He became Consul General of Armenia in Los Angeles in September 2013
  7) Albert Avdolyan (Russia), 43 years-old, $ 700 millions (number 143 in Russia). Born in Krasnodar (Russia), lives in Moscow and Beverly Hills (California). Works in telecommunications. He currently represents the interests of Telconet in Russia.
  8) Oleg Mkrtchyan (Ukraine), 47 years-old, $ 584 millions (number 17 in Ukraine). Born in Armavir (the Armenian-founded town in the region of Krasnodar), he is an Ukrainian citizen and lives in Kiev. He made his fortune in metallurgy. Since 2006 he is the president of the Board of Directors of Plus Bank.
  9) Vatche Manoukian (Great Britain), 68 years-old, $ 560 millions (number 129 in Great Britain). Born in Beirut, he is a British citizen who lives in London. His main areas of interest are banking, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, and daily services.

  10) Ruben Vardanyan (Russia), 45 years-old, $ 500 millions (number 193 in Russia). Born in Yerevan and resident of Moscow, Vardanyan is a Russian citizen. He is one of the best managers of the former Soviet republics, specialized in investment banking.

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