Historians from Armenia Didn't Take Part in Conference Sponsored by Anti-Armenian Organization

Armenian historians did not find it necessary to take part in the conference sponsored by Turkish and Azerbaijani anti-Armenian organizations. The reason is the mismatch between the invitation sent earlier and format of the conference.
The fourth conference of the Turkish Studies Program of Utah University, launched in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, on June 5. Ten to fifteen Armenian historians from Armenia and Diaspora were invited to the conference. Senior researcher of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia Tigran Sarukhanyan, who turned down the invitation to take part in the aforesaid conference, mentioned in a conversation with "Armenpress" that Armenian historians refused to participate in the apparently anti-Armenian, politicized conference, which does not meet scientific-academic standards, preferring not to waste their time and use it more efficiently.
According to current information, Ara Papian, head of "Modus Vivendi" center, is the only historian from Armenia who is taking part in the abovementioned conference. In Sarukhanyan's opinion, the conference has an evident political direction; moreover, a number of works, which are scheduled to be introduced during the course of the conference, do not meet the standards of scientific discussions. "Certain works have been presented on the massacre of Azerbaijanis by Armenians in 1918, whereas there is no such a fact recorded in the history of mankind," the historian underscored.
Among other things, he noted that since 2004 certain academic circles recognizing the Armenian Genocide have put forward a suggestion to study the genocide in the light of a fresh scientific approach. One of the organizers of the conference, Professor Hakan Yavuz, made such proposal in November 2012. "Hence, it was initially planned that the discussions would not seek political or propagandistic objectives, but they were meant to be exclusively scientific. However, as a matter of fact the conference taking place these says has deviated from its original aim," Sarukhanyan highlighted.

"Armenpress," June 6, 2013

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