Do Not Insult Our Intelligence Anymore

Vartan Matiossian

It has been a constant since the mid-1990s to expect an election marred by fraud in Armenia. If the fraud has not been visible (ballot stuffing and all), it has just been of the invisible type (I pay you this amount of money and you go and vote for me). The claims of fraud, justified or not, have ended sometimes in violent ways; one may remember the storming of the National Assembly building and the beating of its speaker in 1996 or, even more unjustified, the death of 10 people (eight demonstrators and two policemen) on March 1, 2008 in the repression after ten days of peaceful demonstrations.
We will not comment on the events in Armenia after the presidential election of February 18, 2013, as they are still evolving. Suffice it to say that they showed a very strong performance by the main opposition candidate, Raffi Hovannisian, who officially obtained 36.75 percent of the votes, against 58.64 of the incumbent, President Serge Sargsian. Denunciations of fraud have been made—we assume that, justified or not, there may be some grounds for them--and heavily crowded meetings at Freedom Square have followed, including the support of some opposition forces that had neither participated in the election not thrown their support behind Hovannisian, namely the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and the Armenian National Congress.
People have started to fill mailboxes with their conspiracy-theory rants, as the one who had sent the following morning-after pill:

From: Arevagal <arevagal@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 10:28 AM
Subject: "Raffilution begins"

Last night, the following was written in a facebook page dedicated to the Washingtonian lemming known as Raffi Hovannisian -
The people have spoken. The monsters appear ready to pretend that the majority of the Armenian people amount to the 38% they will officially give Raffi. They will not get away with it, not this time. Tomorrow at 5pm at Liberty Square the Raffilution begins. What you can do if you are not able to show up in Armenia is flood your Congressional reps with emails and phone calls, demanding that they stand up for the Armenian people who have defied mass bribery and thuggery and fraud to lay claim to their souls and their country today. The time is now for a new and free Armenia. The time has never been more now. Source: https://www.facebook.com/Raffi4President
The following webpage also appeared last night in Armenia. It also claims that Raffi won the elections -
Գյումրի քաղաքի 78 տեղամասերի հանրագումար. Ր.Հովհաննիսյան` 70%, Ս.Սարգսյան` 27% http://www.asparez.am/news-hy/raffi-serj/
Today, PanArmenian reported the following -
Heritage leader urges president-elect Sargsyan to admit his mistake: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/146605/Heritage_leader_urges_presidentelect_Sargsyan_to_admit_his_mistake
Incidentally, claiming that the opposition won the elections is the same tactic Levon Petrosian and his gang of criminals used five years ago. On the night of the presidential elections back in 2008, opposition media A1 Plus announced that Levon had won the presidency with a wide margin even before the official count was completed. What they did back then is what they are doing today, they are trying to prepare their field of play for the next five years. In other words, another five years of infighting and tension.

If these people get out of line like they did back in 2008, I would want to see the repeat of what happened on the night of March 1. I personally don't have a problem seeing Armenian blood spilled if it's done for the sake of Armenia.

Nevertheless, an election process that was unfortunately more democratic than anything we see take place in the Western world may again take an ugly turn.

This bloodthirsty individual who happens to live in the bubble of “an election process that was unfortunately more democratic than anything we see take place in the Western world” is an old acquaintance for the readers; we refer them to our posting “Just Doom and Gloom?” a year ago (February 2, 2012). Hidden behind the pagan-styled pseudonym Arevagal (“Coming of the Sun”), Mr. I personally don't have a problem seeing Armenian blood spilled if it's done for the sake of Armenia happens to beaccording to a well-informed person formerly acquainted with him—an Armenian born in Lebanon with a most Christian first name and the American citizenship in his pocket. He is sitting comfortably somewhere in Queens, New York while pontificating and weighing about the lives and deeds (and the blood and the right to live, it seems) of people at 10,000 miles of distance who actually carry the burden of living through such “election processes” and may talk first hand about them. He happens to be the one who signs Arevordi (“Child of the Sun”; the “Sun” must be understood as Russia, indeed) while “Heralding the Rise of Russia” in his blog on “Western Globalism, Eurasian Geopolitics & Russian-Armenian Relations,” where his latest piece of logorrhea is entitled:

"Raffilution begins!!! Raffi Hovannisian's turn to lead Armenia's self-destructive peasantry - February, 2013"

No self-respecting scholar or political analyst would imply that, say, because Russia, the strategic ally of Armenia, has had the same individual in power either as prime minister or president since 1999, when a prime minister, a speaker of Parliament, ministers and MPs were killed in the shootings of the Armenian National Assembly, and the Minister of Interior and National Security, e.g. Serge Sargsian, was not dismissed from his post for such a huge blunder of security, then Serge Sargsian is on the payroll of Moscow. But there may be more fact embedded in such a farfetched hypothesis than what I would want to see the repeat of what happened on the night of March 1” Arevagal writes in the opening paragraph of his latest “analysis,” which may serve as an appetizer for the rest of his interminable concoction:
In an early effort to prepare one of their most important operatives in Armenia for higher office, about two years ago Raffi Hovannisian went on a drastic weight loss program. This public relations stunt was done to endear him in the eyes of the Armenian sheeple and to grant him a divine aura of a selfless/suffering servant. Therefore, it can be said that Raffi's presidential campaign actually kicked-off two years ago via a "hunger strike" that was most probably carried out in collaboration with the queen of color revolutions, Marie Yovanovitch.

This individual who has just insulted the citizens of Armenia as “peasantry” — if they are peasants, they cannot even dream of “democracy,” which is something outside of this world for people of his stature, probably an invention of Anglo-American-Zionist-Bolshevik” interests — happens to spread his deeply-engrained cult of personality of “the living legend” (his words), a.k.a. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (whom he probably regards as the Sun-King, see above), as in the following (the typos have been left uncorrected):

From: Arevagal <arevagal@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2013 1:46 PM
Subject: Russian Lawmakers Aim at Foreign Cars, Films and Schooling in Patriotic Purge

They are nationalizing their nation's assets, passing laws to curb foreign influences, clamping down on corruption, promoting patriotism, increasing funds to their military, implementing social care programs and regulating their nation's free market... I'm glad to report that the Russian Federation is fast heading towards National Socialism, although it would never be categorized as such due to the negative connotation the term continues to have thanks to the decades long propaganda against it by the Anglo-American-Zionist-Bolshevik interests.

The following article by the New York Times discusses Russia's transformation into a top heavy, well-armed, Russo-centric and a regulated-free-market democracy. But I would like to once again remind you to read between the lines because the article is written by Western presstitutes and is meant to cast a negative light on Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Armenia needs to follow Russia's footsteps. I would like to see Yerevan recognize the severe long-term dangers that come with dealing with the political West. I would like to see Armenia begin moving away from Western institutions and abandon destructive/corrosive Globalist concepts. Western insitutions are designed to subjugate or destroy nation-states via powerful financial and economic levers. Globalism is a modern form of Bolshevism in disguise and it is forcefully being imposed on the world by Western neo-imperialsits.

The First Amendment also gives him the right to spit his venom about the Armenian-American “sheeple,” the “whore[s] of Babylon” (Babylon = Washington), and every single issue that does not fill his mental shoebox (exception made of the praise of Russia, indeed; he reminds us of the chic Bolsheviksthat Ara Baliozian used to stigmatize in the 1980s). It also gives us the right to delete his emails from our mailbox at (almost) first sight, not because of his pro-Russian and anti-American preaching, but just because of his black-and-white worldview. The samples that we quote here are the few casual survivors from this daily rain of unsolicited verbal garbage:

From: Arevagal <arevagal@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2012 4:19 AM
Russia’s Armenian millionaires to arrive in Armenia

Every time I come across the following kind of information, I realize just how much American-Armenians disgust me, including the now senile Kirk Kerkorian. Generally speaking, American-Armenians have become a serious sociopolitical liability for the Armenian republic, whereas Russian-Armenians and the Russian Federation have been Armenia's only hope for surviving the ravages of the Caucasus.


Not surprisingly, he is the same person who has signed the following e-mail on an Armenian figure of the twentieth century, Gareguin Nezhdeh, whose military leadership saved the strategic region of Zanguezur (southern Armenia) from sharing the fate of Gharabagh and Nakhichevan by falling into the hands of Azerbaijan. Nezhdeh was also the creator and the promoter, in the 1930s and 1940s, of an ideology called tseghakronutiun (ցեղակրօնութիւն, racialism»), akin to the right-wing ideologies that swept over the Western world at the time. It has seen a resurgence in Armenia in the past twenty years and become part of the program of the national-conservative Republican Party of Armenia (RPA, Հայաստանի Հանրապետական Կուսակցութիւն), the ruling party since 1999, whose current president is the President of Armenia:


From: Arevagal <arevagal@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, December 7, 2012 11:13 PM
Subject: Garegin Nzhdeh (revised)

A brilliant military leader, a fearless warrior, a steadfast nationalist, a relentless statesman, an intellectual, a humanist, a philosopher, a spiritualist, a writer... Garegin Nzhdeh remains by-far the single most powerful figure the Armenian nation has produced in perhaps one thousand years.

One of Garegin Nzhdeh's greatest achievements was to ensure the future survival of the Armenian state by organizing an armed resistance in Zangezur in 1921 and forcing the Bolshevik leadership at the time to agree on keeping the strategic province within Soviet Armenia.

Whereas some revolutionary figures such as the famous general Andranik Ozanian abandoned the fight for independence when the tide of history turned against Armenia towards the end of the First World War, Garegin Nzhdeh courageously and relentlessly pursued his sacred mission to secure an independent Armenian state to the every end of his life in a Bolshevik prison.

Garegin Nzhdeh deserves a prominent place within the pantheon of great Armenians. Garegin Nzhdeh's heroic, selfless and magnanimous life needs to serve as a model for all self-respecting Armenians worldwide.

Not surprisingly, the active memory of Garegin Nzhdeh amongst Armenians was seen as a serious threat by those who sought to keep Armenians fragmented and weak. In an effort to deprive the Armenian people of his role model, Garegin Nzhdeh's powerful legacy was for decades obscured by the Soviet leadership and more recently by Western interests. This effort to drive a wedge between Garegin Nzhdeh and the people he loved so much proved effective. Despite all he had done for the Armenian nation during his lifetime, the few that remembered Garegin Nzhdeh outside of Dashnaktsakan circles simply remembered him as a Nazi collaborator.

As such, the Armenian nation was deprived of an immensely important historic figure who's memory alone could have given ideological and spiritual sustenance to millions of Armenians worldwide.

After seventy years of Bolshevik ideology and after twenty years of allowing American/Hollywood inspired filth on Armenian television screens and in movie theaters corrupt the newly established republic's identity and ethics by the systematic promotion of Globalism (e.g. neo-Bolshevism), sex, violence and materialism, I am glad to see Armenian officials finally waking up to the realization that television and cinema can be very powerful tools for the dissemination of positive, constructive and more importantly Armenocentric psychological conditioning.

I'm very glad to report that a major state-funded film about Garegin Nzhdeh is due to come out in theaters in Yerevan. Please see the trailer for the motion picture at the bottom of this commentary. For additional perspective on Garegin Nzhdeh I have also posted below the movie trailer a documentary that was presented about him by Armenia's state-controlled H1 not too long ago.

The film
in and of itself may not seem much at first glance. After all, it is only a film. Having said that, the kind of psychological impact these types of ethnocentric programing leaves upon the general populace should not be underestimated.

The influential power that a well-funded entertainment industry has over the masses has long been recognized by major powers around the world. Television and cinema are two extremely powerful mediums through which cultural values and political messages can be effectively conveyed. This is why for instance we seen an active collaboration taking place between American officials in Washington and movie producers in Hollywood.

Nevertheless, after years of severe intellectual, ethical and spiritual decay (for which I primarily blame the leadership and the political opposition in Armenia); after years of massive emigration (for which I again blame the leadership and the political opposition in Armenia); after hundreds of years of being subjects of this or that empire (for which I blame Byzantine Greeks); and being that Armenia unfortunately finds itself in perhaps the most inhospitable geopolitical environment on earth (for which I blame Hayk Nahapet), the conditioning or rewiring of Armenians today with positive, constructive and ethnocentric propaganda has become a matter of paramount national importance.

In my opinion, instilling true nationalism into Armenians today is a matter of strategic importance for it is ultimately a matter of national security.
Moreover, we must recognize that before we are able to fix "corruption" related problems in Armenia, we first need to fix the Armenian.

I say this because the modern Armenian is a deeply troubled creature that has been severely degraded by a thousand years of Turkic, Islamic, Semitic, Bolshevik and now Western influences. This one thousand years old and still on-going decay has turned a nation of proud and noble lions into a nation of scavenging and opportunistic hyenas - with victim mentalities nonetheless. This one thousand years old and still on-going decay has turned a nation of warriors, priests and hardy peasants into a nation of petty merchants, cowards and shysters.

This one thousand years old and still on-going decay has to be stopped and reversed if we are to have an Armenia that we can all be proud of someday.

If carried-out correctly, the active promotion of positive role models and the dissemination of positive - Armenocentric - propaganda will serve to stop and reverse the self-destructive traits we have been seeing so much of in Armenians today. It is my conviction that as Armenia evolves as a nation-state, much of its current sociopolitical ailments can be remedied by the systematic introduction of healthy/constructive nationalism into the Armenian awareness.

In short, Armenians need to fully embrace noble figures like Garegin Nzhdeh in their lives, and professionally produced films such as the following motion picture and documentary about the great Armenian leader is a very good start in beginning the long and arduous process of awakening the true Armenian character that has been long dormant in us all –
Garegin Nzhdeh (motion picture trailer):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILguHHS1b9U
Garegin Nzhdeh (documentary):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l887fLIu83E

The same rant has been picked up verbatim, under the title Garegin Nzhdeh: A Brilliant Military Leader, a Fearless Warrior, a Visionary Soldier and the signature “Andy Hazarian,” by the December 14-20 issue of “USA Armenian Life/Հայ Կեանք” of California. It is not by chance, then, that Appo Jabarian, the editor of this publication, which boasts of being, “since 1985, the Diaspora’s most widely acclaimed & circulated independent Armenian weekly,” has put together another piece of conspiracy theory that passes as informed opinion, with the highly provocative (which does not mean thought-provoking) title, “Does Failed Presidential Candidate Raffi Hovannisian Seek Armenia’s Destabilization?” (February 22-28), that also decorates its cover page.
Jabarian has come to the forefront to warn us the coming of the Apocalypsis: Hovannisian, a former American citizen, “hoped to win Armenia’s Feb. 19 [sic!] presidential election effectively pulling off an ‘apricot revolution.’ He failed. But will he concede defeat?” The writer envisions “the great civil unrest and turmoil triggered by this confrontation ultimately destabilizing Armenia,” recycling the worn-out and unproven theory that, in March 2008, “innocent Armenian citizens lost their lives because of instigations by then failed presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrossyan’s backers.” And, because “Mr. Hovannisian was a supporter of Mr. Ter-Petrossyan,” then he feels entitled to do the math.
To add insult over injury, Jabarian, whose knowledge of Armenian has not reached yet the point of knowing what “Medz Yeghern” means (he has turned it into a term of denial) and what the close relation between “Medz Yeghern” and “Armenian Genocide” is (see our article in “The Armenian Weekly,” November 27, 2012), reminds us that Raffi Hovannisian had used the expression “Great Armenian Dispossession” in 2007 when writing to newly elected Turkish president Abdullah Gul. And because he did not used the mantra “Armenian Genocide,” he hurls at Hovannisian the accusation of “pandering to Turkey” for using the “highly insulting term ‘Great Armenian Dispossession.’ ” Nothing new, indeed, as he had already done the same six years ago.
It is high time that activists self-branded as “journalists” end their instrumentalization of the Armenian Genocide and their bashing of whoever may see things differently, as long as these people are not engaged, knowingly, in any activity that may be considered as “betrayal of the Armenian Cause” by the powers to be (= thinking people). We do not doubt the good intentions of these activists-journalists, but we suspect that their one-track mindscape may have impaired their ability to see beyond their eyes. It is unbearable to read cheap and totally unjustified shots of the type, “If as a mere parliamentarian Mr. Hovannisian was willing to sell out on the Armenian Genocide and justice for his people, what would he do as President?” When talking about a public figure who has a certain record in this field, one would expect that a self-styled “independent” journalist would be more careful in his research of facts and his choice of words, and would avoid falling to such substandard levels. The reference is to a former Foreign Minister who was fired when, Los Angeles Times reported (October 17, 1992), “during a speech in Istanbul last month, Hovannisian said Turkey is accused of 'grave human rights violations' and that it 'cannot yet claim to be a model of European values,' while Armenia has embraced democracy from the start.”
“Would he be any different than his former boss Pres. Ter-Petrossyan and another operative – Vartan Oskanyan then Deputy Foreign Minister and later Foreign Minister under Pres. Kocharyan — who were all too willing to return strategic lands in liberated Armenian territory of Artsakh (Karabagh) back to Azeri yoke?,” asks Jabarian furthermore, who thus implies that Hovannisian is an “operative.” (Incidentally, a few years ago, Raffi Hovannisian introduced a draft bill to recognize the independence of the Republic of Mountainous Karabagh or Artsakh in the Armenian National Assembly, which was rejected by the RPA majority.) Operative of whom? The answer is right there:
“Patriotic Armenians in Armenia and Diaspora are sandwiched between Armenia’s oligarchs on the left and Armenian neo-Cons on the right. They are wary of their future being hijacked by either of the two fringe groups – oligarchs and their clans, Armenian political careerists, materialists, and seekers of fame and fortune at all cost who are backed by their neo-Con masters in Washington and elsewhere.”
Therefore, Jabarian implies that Hovannisian, who left the comfort of California and, reportedly, a six-figure salary more than twenty years ago (Los Angeles Times, October 17, 1992) to serve his country and, after being dismissed from his position of Foreign Minister of Armenia (1991-1992), chose to remain in the republic (and petitioned for more than ten years until he obtained its citizenship) instead of returning to a profitable life in the United States, is one of those “Armenian political careerists, materialists, and seekers of fame and fortune at all cost who are backed by their neo-Con masters in Washington and elsewhere.” (Memo to conspiracy theorists: the neo-conservative cabal that ruled over Washington in the early twenty-first century was pushed out in November 2008.) And the writer thinks of himself  – as well as his occasional contributor “Arevagal”/”Andy Hazarian” – as one of those sandwiched “patriotic Armenians in Armenia and the Diaspora.” 
We live in a perilous world, where all great and not-so-great powers are engaged in political games for which they expect smaller nations to be pawns. But, until one can prove his/her farfetched theories with plausible and sounding facts, it is better that self-named “patriotic Armenians” put the cart back behind the horses rather than trying the patience of people who are tired of having their intelligence insulted and, even worse, brainwashing other people who are not able to discern between hardcore facts and softcore fantasy.

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